Catalyzing innovation, categories, and markets

Our Perspective

As technologies advance, patterns of powerful domain-specific use cases begin to take form, before market adoption scales.

New categories of adoption often await the connection of a few enabling pieces that set the stage for exponential growth.

In these instances, technology collaboration can follow a blueprint for innovation to activate a category.

What We Do

To benefit innovators and other stakeholders, we deliver thought leadership, dissolve market boundaries, contribute disruptive innovation, and drive ecosystem participation to catalyze categories.

Our Foundation

Diverse competencies, creativity, and senior relationships enable us to:

 Identify key drivers of category dynamics and impact
 Design and control ecosystem-driving solutions
 Realize value through IP-led business models and initiatives

All to catalyze cooperation and shared investment across an ecosystem.


As innovators and thought leaders, we have created billions of dollars in value across a wide array of sectors and helped hundreds of visionary inventors, market leaders, and capital allocators succeed.

We look forward to working with you.


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Current Projects

Offered ByOfferingDetails (log-in required)
SF CatalystAdvanced, industry-specific water solutionsDetails
Future of hearing and in-ear computationDetails
SF Innovation PortfoliosTransformation of in-vehicle information and content experiencesDetails
Advanced vehicle-to-X platformDetails
Mobility-as-a-Service platformDetails
Industry 4.0 Digital TwinsDetails
Future of RetailDetails
SF Catalyst OpportunitiesFuture of Search: Platform for the long tail of underserved marketsDetails
Platform for tokenization of 3D printing instruction setsDetails
Network acceleration beyond 5GDetails
Industrial IoT in a BoxDetails

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Current Projects

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Current Projects

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Current Projects

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Catalyzing innovation, categories, and markets

Presented by SF Catalyst
Wastewater Treatment
Advanced Hearables

SF Innovation Portfolios
Future of Transportation
Future of Transportation
Future of Transportation
IIoT - Digital Twins

SF Catalyst Opportunities
Future of Retail (example)

Designing Patents for Leadership

Strong Force Capital employs a proven methodology & approach to design and develop patent portfolios


Enables sustained control of market category leadership


Unlocks creativity to capture key drivers of IP advantage


Preserves optionality, guides prioritization, and optimizes resource allocation


Supports successful licensing programs and commands high value

Unlocking Creativity - The Strong Force Matrix tm

The matrix is a key component of the design methodology, organizing and combining drivers of IP advantage into a strategic array of hundreds of patentable combinations. Systematically combining inventions (or even non-inventive elements) from discrete domains can open new domains with white space for broad inventions.

Exponential invention and optionality arises from the structured methodology.

Who is Strong Force Capital?

We have assembled a team of inventors, attorneys, and accomplished business leaders to take our portfolios from conception to filing and beyond.

Charles Cella - Managing Director

Josh Dobrowitsky

Andrew Cardno

Jenna Parenti

Taylor Charon

Julie Sargeant

Andrew Sharp

Richard Spitz - Managing Director

Michelle King

Ben Goodman

Teymour El-Tahry

Karen Bernasconi

Dawn Hill

Adam Klotz - Managing Director

Hristo Malchev

Don Bitting

Michelle Ellis

Whitney Stuhler

Lindsay Martinik

Want to join us? Send your resume to us via

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